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Emerged to erase the sigh of scores, Opulentus-the Visa Company, has started functioning since 2001. At a point of time when immigration word sounded Greek and Latin to scores, Opulentus appeared like an oasis. Little did the people know about the steps involved in visa processing and the fee for the same—and the result, individual opportunists popped up to mint money from the innocents.

Unable to witness the vain of people, Opulentus has thrown open its doors and created the sensation in the very first people. As thousands flocked to our office to clear their doubts, Opulentus patiently entertained everyone’s concern and cleared their doubts.


Since then there was no look back moment for Opulentus-the Visa Company. Making honesty as its foundation and commitment to customers as pillars, Opulentus grew in width and length, expanding to four important nations—USA, UK, Ireland and Canada, and creating a huge fan base in more than two dozen countries.

Years after its inception, Opulentus created a new record by touching the ground breaking 90% figure in HSMP visas processed until 2008-09.

Opulentus has a dedicated team of immigration experts, psychologists, visa counselors and legal officers who would ensure that our clients get what they actually want.

Opulentus offers following services:-

  • visa processing
  • guidance
  • international job market analysis and proposals accordingly
  • post landing services
  • Should you require any assistance related to work, study or visit visa, you are free to get in touch with Opulentus-the Visa Company on the numbers provided.


  1. I am grateful to Opulentus for helping me a lot during my immigration process. I have contacted Opulentus when I was struggling to get Permanent residency from long time, but you made it possible in just 2 months. Big thanks to you.

    1. How did u get pr visa with in two months…i have applied for australia pr waiting for response from vetassess regarding assessmemt test…i want to know the more information ..can u pls contact me at mail “[email protected]”….please please…i have many queries…

  2. I recently went to Opulentus to get US student visa. Unlike small consultant offices that look like fish markets, Opulentus is highly organized. I felt like I stepped in to some fortune 500 company.

  3. I always wanted to study in UK. I applied for it twice, once on my own and the second time through a local visa agent. I wasn’t successful two times. It was then I heard of Opulentus and approached them on my friend’s advice. I am happy that I got UK visa finally through Opulentus. Many thanks to Opulentus.

  4. Opulentus is a very big visa company. I went to them for my Switzerland tourist visa. They processed it very decently and on time.

  5. I got my Canada application processed successfully with Opulentus. Hope I would get my visa soon. Big thanks to Opulentus.

  6. Thank you Opulentus for all you have done for me to get my Denmark visa on time. Special thanks to the team who have guided me very well throughout my interaction.

  7. The post landing services of Opulentus are excellent. They have helped me in getting good accommodation and transportation facilities.

  8. The assistance and guidance provided by Opulentus visa consultants are unforgettable. They assisted me in my immigration process to Australia.

  9. Hats off to Opulentus for processing my Hong Kong work permit. I first wanted to go to US but then Opulentus executives told me that Hong Kong would be a right option.

  10. After receiving your services I would say you were the best in the world. Even the processing fee is too affordable. Thanks a lot.

  11. I availed the post landing services of Opulentus. They are just amazing. Best part is that the service charge didn’t hurt my pockets.

  12. The guidance and assistance offered by Opulentus visa consultants is amazing. They resolve all issues and queries related to the immigration and visa process.

  13. I didn’t know what needs to be done when I was in need of Australia work permit. I even have the job offer letter and the deadline the company gave was short. It was then my friend told me about Opulentus. I approached them and got my visa processed on time. Many thanks to them.

  14. Opulentus is the earlier visa consultancy that has processed a record number of visa application successfully, which made a big fan of them.

  15. Opulentus is the best visa consultancy that deals with all the matters of immigration. Anyone can blindly go with it. Even the service charge is too affordable.

  16. Opulentus has a team of highly educated and skilled workers who knows all the tacks of the immigration industry and they put in their best for giving the best for their client.

  17. It is very good to associate with Opulentus visa consultancy for immigration process. I was assisted very well right from the beginning of the process.

  18. The way Opulentus has dealt my case is pretty good. They have taken care of entire process. The suggestions that they have provided are quite good. Thanks a lot.

  19. Opulentus is a remarkable visa consultancy. I would definitely visit Opulentus again for my future immigration or visa related services.

  20. Opulentus has offered best assistance to me over all the times. I was guided very well. Thanks to the whole team for giving me such a support.

  21. Gain genuine directions and reliable assistance from corporate bodies of Opulentus visa consultancy to get your visa possessed successfully and smoothly.

  22. It is really a great job by Opulentus. All my process went so smooth and easy. Many thanks to the team who had worked hard to get my visa processed.

  23. Thanks to my case officer at Opulentus for helping me throughout the visa processing and even guiding me for the visa interview.

  24. Opulentus has done a great job for me. Special thanks to my case officer, who helped me in every step and guided me throughout.

  25. I visited Opulentus when I was in need of France tourist visa. They processed my visa on time. I am very happy with their services.

  26. I availed post landing services and they did their best for me. They took care of my accommodation and even my air ticketing.

  27. Opulentus has given me the best. I really like their services and I will come back for my parent’s dependent visa. Thanks a lot for the help.

  28. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Opulentus Visa Consultancy on their work par excellence. You are a dedicated and helpful team of individuals and I look forward to future assistance from you.

  29. I got my visa on time and without any hassles and worries. That’s the speciality of Opulentus lies in catering to the needs of its clients in an efficient and timely manner. Kudos to you!

  30. I say Opulentus is the best visa consultancy in Hyderabad because it processed my Australia visa without any hurdles and worries. Thanks a lot.

  31. The efficient way in which Opulentus dealt my case has instilled my faith in them and I can say that they are a name with an edge above the others.

  32. Opulentus never ceases to amaze people. It is a super-speciality consultancy because of the huge success rate in getting visa approvals.

  33. The guidance that Opulentus has provided is truly commendable and I thank my case officer for being with me through the visa processing. I will surely get back.

  34. With over 10 years of experience in providing immigration services, Opulentus immigration consultancy is offering its best immigration services to individuals of all age groups to live and work happily in overseas.

  35. I really liked the post landing services that were provided by Opulentus. They took care of all my requirements. They are simply the best.

  36. Opulentus is the best visa consultancy I have ever visited. I thank the entire team for helping me out with the visa service. Thanks a lot for the entire support.

  37. I am spell bound with the visa services offered by the Opulentus consultants. The work principles and values followed by the firm of Opulentus are really good. I heartily thank each and every member of the team for their support.

  38. Thanks to the entire team of Opulentus for making me get through the visa processing. You guys are the best. Thanks once again for taking care of my processing.

  39. Good work by Opulentus visa counselors. They are very professional and offer expertise visa services to global clientele. Thanks to the whole team.

  40. Opulentus customer care service has experts in visas and immigration services, who can clarify all the doubts and queries posted by the client.

  41. Have you ever met a visa consultancy that offers visa assistance at affordable cost? Opulentus is one such name in the industry which is not expensive and yet offers quality services.

  42. Opulentuz Visa processing team contacted me and told everything like what they do and services offered. My goal was to work in abroad with opulentuz, it come true. Thank You!!

  43. Opulentus when I used to get permanent residence status from ages has been approached by me; nevertheless, you made it to be potential in only 2 weeks. Huge thanks.

  44. For Overseas Aspirants what is the best Chance for Moving Australia or Canada . My Opinion is Choosing opulentus is very good for Migrating Abroad

  45. My Danish Green card visa was sanctioned finally. From day one everything was clear and precise. I just prepared the documents what they have told. My Case Officers were very helpful in the processing stages which helped me to submit the Green card application on time.

  46. What would be the fee that cost me, I am planning to immigrate to Australia along with family? My background is information technology having experience of 6 years

  47. Even though i am not so satisfied with the service, i am happy that the visa outcome is positive and also the help i received in documentation has been very good. i recommend that you improve the quality of your staff at entry level.

  48. Hello it was really great to have a support team like Opulentus for immigration and their team members are fantastic and up to the mark. Would refer few of my friends who are willing to settle abroad.

    Thanks Opulentus .

  49. Dear Swati/Zama,
    I have received my Canada visa grant and my case officer swati/Zama are doing fantastic job they are calm and always proactive in addressing queries.
    I have never worked with such good Persons in my life, keep it up Opulentus immigration consultants for the excellent job.

  50. I would like to show my gratitude towards Opulentus visa consultants .The entire credit goes to opulentus team for expertise and professionalism in the entire process.I took 9 months to get Canada work visa.

    Thank you Opulentus team .

  51. Hi Opulentus Team

    For the support and help you provided to me during the visa process is enormous , I am very glad for that

    I would like to share my experience and suggest minor improvements:

    In prior, please make sure you inform to the regarding what are all the documents are required, so as a client that would be easy and reduce some instant pressure.

    I know that this wouldn’t be in your control and also takes time,visa process undergo on the basis of occupation listed in the list of occupations or state nomination invitation

    Please let us know what are the health related issues that would lead to rejection of visa process, so we can get prepare initially or improve that

    Hope this helps you to handle your clients more efficiently, apart from this, service I got is fantastic

    Thanks you for all your help team.

  52. I am extremely sorry for this late Opulentus feedback since I am traveling, I have been referred my friend she has was the client to Opulentus availed services to Australia PR.

    And one more add-on to me, compare to the time taken for my friend visa process, my process time is very minimum. If the chosen immigration consultant is branded and excel in providing service.The criteria points base and all the documents we have trust me we can get approved the visa process in very short time, approximately in 8 months my visa got confirmed.

    Thank you opulentus team for the help and guidance to my visa grant to Australia PR

  53. Opulentus is a specialized immigration Consultant. They are much good at visa services. When it comes to my case, I had applied for Canada Express Entry program. My score was 458. Even though after completion of 15 draws there are no significant changes in Express Entry Program. But there is no hope to be selected for that program. On that time I changed my mind interested to move to Australia. At that moment one of my case officers had suggested keeping hope on Canada Express Entry Program. Still, I’m not in a positive manner of getting a visa to Canada. But my case officer guided me a lot and at last, after the one and half year wait for my dream has come true. A special thank to the Entire team of Opulentus for making my visa success.

  54. Excellence in the service by the team of Opulentus, exclusively the team of visa process handled my case . These guys are smart enough to find and give the solution to any problem, I recommend Opulentus who are planning to Immigrate to Canada and Australia through PR visa or Work Visa.

  55. It was good experience with Opulentus till end of process, Finally thanks for great support to step ahead in my career. Hope to come back for any other migration if required.

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