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77375 US visas are issued to Indians last year which is 18700 more than 2014
Posted on: 18 Apr 2016  |   Tags: F-1 visa , US visas ,

Latest Immigration updatesUnited States may be transporting Indian students who registered in reluctant universities is in record number. As the number of visas issued by US to Indian students is exceptional number. Comparing to 2014 US issued 18700 more visas in last year.

Indian Americans are arrested across the country as charges against collusion with more than 1000 foreigners fraudulent maintain visas, foreign worker visas in a New Jersey college trough “pay to stay”. With the drastic increase in the number of visas it became more important in the concept of US number of colleges for visa fraud and other illegal activities in recent time.

Literally Indian parliament also discussed regarding the problems that are faced by Indian students in United States.  And on 9 of March, 2016 ministry if external affairs general v. k Singh announced that there is no drop in F-1 visas given in India from 2012.

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