Skilled Independent (subclass 457) Visa

457 visaIf you have been offered a job opportunity with an Australian employer this visa will enable you to live and work in Australia in the state of your choice. This visa is commonly referred to as the two step migration visa as its a common pathway that employers use to sponsor workers on a temporary basis – before they transition on to permanent residency. You can live and work in Australia for four years and then go on to apply for permanent residency after the first two years. This is the most common visa and it allows you to bring dependent family members with you. Processing time for this visa is 86 days on average but can sometimes take up to 6 months. You can apply for this visa in Australia or outside. If you apply for this visa in Australia you may be able to get a bridging visa so that you can legally stay in the country until you application is processed.

This visa will allow you rights under Australia’s work place law. This includes minimum wage, sick pay, annual leave and overtime rights. You will be able to join a trade union, and be able to fight cases such as unfair dismissal, discrimination in the workplace in regards to, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy and disability.

You can change employment under this visa but that employer will have to take over you visa sponsorship. There is a 90 day window if your employment stops with the original sponsor.

You will need to meet English language requirements (unless exempt).

You must find a sponsor in order to fill a nominated position.

You will need to seek 457 visa health insurance.

Employers who sponsor workers from outside of Australia on subclass 457 can do so in one of two ways, by entering into a Labour Agreement with the DIBP, or by simply applying to be a Business Sponsor.

The largest number of people with this visa are based in the New South Wales area and the second largest are based in Victoria, then followed by Western Australia. The top industries associated with this visa are accommodation and food services, other services and information outlets and media and telecommunications. Primary visa holders are from India, the UK, China and Ireland. You can transition into permanent residency after you hold this visa as long as you match the criteria .