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Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

 Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility Quebec is different from the rest of Canada, as the people there are vastly different from the French. The basic difference which separates Quebec from rest of the Canada is its French speaking community. Skilled Worker applicants who have it in mind to inhabit in Montreal or in another city or region within the province of Quebec have to follow different procedure under a different system than applicants who wish to settle elsewhere in Canada. The government of Quebec calls its 'Regular Skilled Worker Program', which is also known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). 

Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility

Candidates who wish to apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility are supposed to pass on the basis of few parameters. The government of Canada acknowledges Quebec's selection of applicants by issuing permanent resident visas to successful applicants, after their medical and criminality background checks have been completed. The point based system for Quebec Skilled worker includes different parameters such as age, work experience, area of training, education and language proficiency. Applicants have to score in all the fields in order to get selected for Skilled Worker Visa in Quebec. Quebec Skilled Worker applicants should also successfully complete medical and security examinations conducted by the Canadian government in order to be granted a Canada Immigration (permanent resident) visa. Quebec Skilled Workers applicants are not judged based upon the selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker Class. Citizenship and Immigration Canada makes the selection of applicants who meet Quebec immigration selection criteria.

Procedure to apply for Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Anyone who wishes to score higher must know all the process in advance. The eligibility of candidate should depend on any factors such as age, schooling and English and French language proficiency. After applying for the provinces of Quebec, it will take some time to go through the application of the applicant. It can take up to anywhere from 30 days to 100 days.

Fees and other factors

Any applicant who is applying for Quebec Skilled worker has to pay around CAD $800 for their own application to get selected. If the principal applicant is going to be accompanied by their spouses and children, an extra charge is to be paid per each extra person. Any application takes some time to get processed. The normal ways to get the visa as soon as possible is by telling the visa office about any changes to your personal information, such as your address, telephone number or email, or the birth of a child, and making sure that every information is given by the applicant is true and best according to his/her knowledge.    

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