Best ways to migrate to Canada

Canada PR - best way to migrate to canada

Canada attracts lots of immigrants every year to settle in Canada and live a glorious life there. One of the biggest countries in World, Canada allows immigrants with different purposes to stay in Canada. Canada ensures that any immigrant coming to this peaceful country should have no criminal records. A clean slate character certificate is essentially required by the applicant to apply for visa in Canada. Any immigrant moving to this wonderful country can immerse themselves in lots of attractions offered by Canada. Having of the best healthcare system in this world and offering scenic outdoor views everywhere in this country, one can enjoy a lot while staying there.

Obtaining visa to enter Canada

In order to visit Canada, one can apply through different programs and can enter Canada successfully. The easiest legal way is whichever way one can stay in Canada is Express Entry Scheme which was recently introduced and is a fuss-free easiest process to stay in Canada. One can also apply for higher education in Canada and can stay there while studying there and once the studies are over, they can find a job and hence easily convert their student visa into working Visa. Those who have recommendation from Canadian family members to sponsor them can get a visa very easily. Anyone can also find a new job by matching their educational skills and eligibility criteria of Canada. People working in any multi National companies can get a temporary work permit by undertaking a project and hence staying there.

Express Entry- Golden gate for entering Canada

The best possible way to enter Canada in current scenario would be Express Entry Scheme which allows its applicant to enter Canada, hassle-free by following few quick steps. One should have their educational credential considered by a recognized assessing authority. Getting IETLS documentation with an appropriate score of 67 is highly recommended.
The first step to apply for Express entry includes creating profile on Express Entry mentioning various details such as age, education, language proficiency level, experience, etc and submitting an expression of Interest letter.

Alternative Ways to migrate to Canada

The best alternative ways to move to Canada involves many other ways such as Spouse Sponsorship which allows anyone to move to Canada of that person is married to a Canadian citizen. A visitor’s Visa allows anyone to enter Canada but not allow working while being there. One can utilize this visa to go to Canada and stay there while making contacts and can attend interviews. After coming back to their own country, one can just simply wait for the sponsorship letter by the potential employers and can hence apply for work visa.

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