The Canadian Immigration Point System

Canada Immigration point based systemCanada is highly eager to invite the skilled immigrants but it never means they will permit each and every applicant to enter into the country. They might have so many job opportunities and have a standard life to offer to the immigrants and they will take the best ones. In order to choose the eligible immigrants, they have introduced the point system. The Canada Immigration points are mainly the points allocated for any applicant’s each profile criteria.

When one applicant is submitting an application for immigration to Canada followings factors will be considered to calculate the point- Education, Age, Work Experience, Language Proficiency, Adaptability, and Arranged Employment and so on. These factors may vary in different programs wherever one is applying to. For example, the Express Entry System has a set pattern of immigration point’s allotment. On the other end, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) has the different marks allocation criteria.

Hence, it completely depends on the type of the Canadian Immigration Program the applicant is applying to.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Marking System

For Express Entry, total marks are 100 and current pass-mark is 67 to be eligible for lodging the application. These selection criteria as well as the pass-mark may change without any prior notice depending on the demand of Immigration applicants.

Apart from the basic factors of age, education, experience and language proficiency, if anyone has Canadian study or work experience, they can get some extra point which can make their profile stronger.

Even in adaptability, the educational qualification and experience of partner can give some extra point to the applicant.

Arranged employment

Arranged employment means the offer letter (LMIA) from an approved employer. The job has to be totally relevant to the applicant’s job profile which is also enlisted in the National Classification List (NOC) of Federal Government of Canada. Moreover, the point for LMIA will be awarded after proper certification where the employer must mention that there is no eligible skilled Canadian candidate for the job and that is the reason an overseas eligible candidate is being offered with the job. If anyone fails to provide the above-mentioned reason the LMIA point will not be awarded.

Moreover, if anyone has their closer relatives in Canada, they can get some extra point. They have to be the first blood relatives such as parents, siblings or children. The applicant also can be sponsored by their partners or spouses.