Migrate to Canada from India

It is always a good decision to migrate to Canada. Canada is the land of cultural diversity with different countries’ people residing there permanently or temporarily in a peaceful harmony.  The immigration to Canada from India is always been very attractive for all.  Thousands of Indian Citizens have migrated to Canada for Job, Higher Education, Trading or tourism.  It’s a perfect gain-gain situation for both the countries, where, on one hand a large number of   Indian Nationals migrate to Canada to seek good job, good life, and better security with lots of benefits to lead a standard life. On the other hand, the Canadian government gains the profit form Indian skilled migrants who help the Canada to fight against the economical fall. Indian skilled migrant take a great part in developing Canada.

There are a several immigration programs through which an individual can obtain temporary or permanent resident visa in Canada, such as – Federal Express Entry System (FSW), the Quebec Skilled Worker Class Program and various other Provincial Nomination Programs.

All of the programs are based on point system and for skilled migrant and most of the process starts through Express Entry.

So, before starting the process one must know the eligibility criteria to apply in Express Entry.

First, the applicant’s occupation has to be in high demand and all of his/her previous or current job duties –responsibilities have to meet the requirement of Canadian job profile.

Second,   his/her education has to be recognized there.

Third, based on Age, Education, Experience and English Proficiency test score, the applicant must score 67 points.

Procedure: There will be Educational Credential assessment conducted by certain authority of Canada.

In the meantime, English or French language proficiency language test score card has to be prepared.

With above mentioned two positive reports, the applicant can go ahead for Express Entry Pool.

The Express Entry represents the following Canadian immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Worker Program
  • Province and territory can pick candidates from the Express Entry Pool for Provincial Nomination Programs. PNP program works in “First come, First Serve” basis. Whoever will apply first as per the provincial requirement, he/she will receive the Invitation.

Even, to get into touch with recruiters, the applicant can register himself/herself in the Job Bank of Canada from where they can get job interviews directly from Canadian employers. It increases the rate of success to get through Canada.

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