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Denmark Immigration and its Prerequisites
Posted on: 06 Jun 2017  |   Tags: Danish green card , Denmark green card ,

Denmark a mystical country of the Europe which has the desired climate, work atmosphere and other investment opportunities which should be harnessed to its best potential. To understand the diaspora of Denmark and its offering for the immigrants.

Denmark Green Card program is currently not accepting any fresh applications from 10th June 2016 till further notice effective 

There is a scheme known as the Danish Green card for which the candidate has to attain points on which his/her evaluation is done.The candidate needs to score a minimum of 100 points which is parameterized on the key attributes of your work profile, language skills, academic qualifications, age, etc. As Denmark is part of Schengen area, the green card holder can travel across other countries to freely without a Visa.A candidate can also acquire a PR based on certain criteria, wherein upon its fulfilment, the candidate is allowed to apply for a Permanent Residency. You can be escorted to the new country with your family members, spouse or any other valid dependent which the primary applicant wishes to take to Denmark. The Danish Green Card is issued for two years which is later extended based on the permit before the Visa permit expiration. The extension period is for three yrs. And it also depends whether the applicant is earning well enough to support its residence in the country. The person can get an approved of its visa with a Job opportunity allowed to its work profile as per the prior professional experience of the candidate. If the applicant has taken Danish as its second language during its study for higher education or any work engagements and had IELTS score of 6.5 points or above. Danish green card Visa will allow you travel, get employed with a job opportunity with any desired employer in the country along with other programs that help you to gain momentum in this beautiful city. Denmark being a dominant player in the  Schengen area gives way to multiple opportunities for students, skilled labor and other aspirants to seek to make big in this city.
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