Danish Green Card

The skilled professionals around the world are trying to immigrate to the different countries for better lifestyle and career growth. From this point of view, Denmark is a suitable country for the skilled workers to immigrate.  Denmark is one of the richest nations in the world. The country is famous for his qualitative living standard. The unemployment rate of the country is very low. The green card of Denmark has approved to the skilled individual of various countries to reside and work in Denmark.

Denmark Green Card

There are some major advantages for applying for the Danish green card. The candidate can change his green card status to permanent residency. The green card holder can earn sufficient Euros from his job. There are thousands of job opportunities for the skilled worker in Denmark so the immigrant can take its advantages. The green card holder can relocate within 6 to 8 months interval. There is a great chance for converting the green card into EU residency status.

Denmark Danish green card

The work permit and the residence status obtained to the candidate depending upon his score in the point-based evaluation system. There is no need for a specific work permit to the candidate to work in Denmark. If the candidate has the residence permit under the scheme of Danish green card then he can able to work and reside in the country.

 The Danish green card is purely a point-based immigration system. The point obtained by the candidate depending upon his educational qualification, skills, work experiences and the language proficiency. The bachelor’s degree holder earns 30 points. The bachelor’s degree with one-year master’s degree will get 50 points. Master’s degree and Ph.D. holder will earn 60 points and 80 points respectively in this regards.

The  first top 400 will get additional 10 points as the bonus and the top 200, top 100 will get 15, 20 bonus points respectively.

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