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Employment of foreign student at US
Posted on: 30 May 2016  |   Tags: educational institute , F1 student visa , foreign student ,

 Now days US is the best carrier destination for many international students. Many students around the globe come to US for the higher education. Starting from education to carrier prospect US is the best ever place in the world.

The students are required to qualified any of two visa systems such as F-1 for academic and M-1 for vocational to study in US. The candidate must be met some criteria. Candidate has to be enrolled in an academic or vocational program depending upon his background and carrier aspect.  The educational institute must have approved from student and visitors program, immigration and customers enforcement .the candidate has to be enrolled the respective institute as a full time student. The visa holder must have good proficiency in English.

The F1 student visa allows the students to US for doing the fulltime course in the respective universities. The course under the universities will be authorized by the US government and the candidate will get the status of international students. The M1 visa policy is also same but it is for the vocational students.

Once a student awarded as an international students then the doors of opportunities will open for him. Everyone knows that financially and politically US is the strongest country in the world. The financial growth of the country completely depends on innovation on technology.

Information technology is the best part for US to enhance its economy. There are many multinational companies setup their branches at America. The companies hire the international students with good remuneration to work with them. In America companies are many but human resources are less to work for them but in India it is complete reverse process.

The labor market situation is also good in US who can provide the employment and relatively better carrier growth rather than any nation.

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