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EU provides the visa free travel for Ukraine

The European commission proposed a policy of visa free travel of Ukraine despite the Dutch referendum vote against the Ukraine-EU deal. The European commission also promised to the Ukrainian prime minister that the EU executive will look after the matter and put forward the deal in April. Ukraine has no more problems after getting the visa free travel. Some EU executive said that though they have ignored the Dutch voters, but able to kept their promise for Ukraine. The deal must be approved by the members of EU and the European parliament. There are 45 million of people are residing in this country. The annexation of crime in Russia during the year 2013 led to a large exodus said by European officials.61% Dutch voted in a non binding referendum to cancel the association agreement. Ukraine is a country of Eastern Europe. The visa free policy by EU will help the country to increase its market of trade and commerce with the European nations. The skilled workers can easily immigrate to Europe and improve their knowledge bias for greater carrier opportunity. The economical condition of the county will also increased after the implementation of this new visa free policy. The most awaited deal of visa free travel make the people delighted after the declaration of the news. Many higher education aspirants can fulfill their dream by taking admission in the various universities of Europe. The deal will also be helpful for the citizen of Ukraine to easily immigrate to any corner of Europe without any visa, now the boundary has opened for the people of Ukraine to improve their financial startegies and the standard of livings. Ukraine is not a single country getting the visa free approval from EU.  The EU nation authorities promised to provide the visa free travel to turkey in June end

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