EU France Blue card for Non-EU Skilled Professionals 

The European Union has jointly adopted new policies to surmount the ageing, shortage of qualified professionals and demographic issues. The new employment scheme for skilled foreign nationals of non-European origin introduced in 2011, and it is famously known as EU Blue Card. All the European Union countries are part of this single permit excepting three countries, United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland, under this scheme.

All the European countries have gained through this EU blue card to France. Migration to European countries has started with the change of industrial policies to the present global conditions. India, China and Morocco are the top three countries in the European countries occupying the largest share in the foreign skilled share quota.

France is the highly industrialized country with good energy resources. This country with ever growing industries has an enormous demand for skilled professionals. The Blue Card Scheme to France has benefited highly skilled professionals immensely, and the popularity for the EU Blue Card among skilled is growing rapidly.

To qualify for the France EU blue card:

•    Applicants must have an employment contract of over one year with the France employer.

•    Salary 1.5 times of the average salary set by the France interior ministry.

•    At least 3 to 5 years of valid work experience.

This blue card is issued for three years based on the employment contract and will be renewed annually. Spouse can also work with this visa under family work category. This visa allows skilled professionals to travel in countries with Schengen Agreement.

Requisite document for EU blue card:

•    Employment contract document.

•    Educational Qualification certificates.

•    Documents supporting your experience.

•    Should prove that you are not applicable for labor market assessment.


  1. I am a non-EU citizen and wish to travel from my home country to an EU country. How can the EU Immigration Portal help me?

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