German Job Seeker Visa for the Skilled Worker

Germany Visa - German Job Seeker VisaGerman is one of the richest nations of Europe. The beautiful environment and the amazing nature from the North Sea to The Alps and the luxurious lifestyle are the points of attraction for the people around the world. Many skilled individuals around the world are wishing to reside in this country. The education system of the nation is outstanding and very competitive in the present scenario. The country is also treated as one of the safest nations of Europe.

There are lots of career opportunities for the skilled workers in Germany. The industrial revolution needs the skilled individuals for the overall success of the country. Now Germany is on high demand of various occupation people like software professionals, engineers, researchers and the management executives.

Germany Job Seeker Visa

Because of the demographic drift, high skilled individuals have significant important in the labor market of German.  The Germany job seeker visa permits various individuals from a different region to come to Germany for the job opportunities. The program has a major intention to attract the highly qualified and educated skilled individuals towards the country to avoid the skill shortage.

The validity of job seeker visa is only for six months. If during that time the candidate is able to get any job then the German work permit will be approved for him. There are some eligibility criteria for qualifying the German job seeker visa.

The applicant must have a graduate or a post graduate from a recognized university of German or any foreign qualification that is relatively equivalent to the German degrees. The candidate must have five-year experience in his study related concern. The candidate has an evidence of funding that he could manage his expenditure during his stay in Germany. The candidate should have a medical insurance during his stay in Germany. Applicant need shows 3.5 lakhs liquid cash for the approval of job seeker visa.

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