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How to Get an Australia PR from India?

Australia PR is one of the most wanted visas in the world. According to a recent study, several thousands are trying to migrate to Australia from India every day! This is not an exaggeration, but a clear statement of how famous Australia is! Why would any individual who wishes to migrate to Australia dream of visiting the immigration office several times for a PR status report? Luckily, the process towards visa approval is straightforward and transparent. If you have a clean profile, you can get your hands on an Australia PR easily. And, if you are a professional, you have a better chance of migrating to Australia.

The Pre-Requisites

An important factor for an Australia PR would be your “place of residence”. You should have lived in Australia for at least few years. For example, you should have stayed in Australia for at least 3 years in the past 5 years. This is why your passport plays a very important role during the visa approval process. Likewise, you should have worked in Australia for a specific remuneration and a predestined designation. The DIBP has a comprehensive list of what jobs are approved without any second thoughts. All jobs are categorized carefully and you should be an executive, manager or an administrator for Type A class. When it comes to Australia Permanent Residency, SkillSelect has increased requirements and standards too. To get an Australian PR, you should have a score of at least 60 points. For a better chance of application approval, your score should hit at least 75.

How the DIBP works!

Regardless of how easy it sounds, DIBP follows a strict process while approving PR applications. The authorities look for individuals with a good potential of contributing to their economy. This means, you should be educationally qualified, experienced and good! And, that is why engineering professionals and businessmen from India find it easy to migrate to Australia.

Role Played by Australia SkillSelect

When you apply for a PR of Australia, your application will be processed through SkillSelect. Officially, Australia SkillSelect is responsible for evaluating your profile. They will conduct a test to judge your language, academic, professional and workplace abilities. As mentioned previously, you should have a score of 75 to get an Australia PR. Also, you must highlight all your positive traits in the application. For example, a doctorate degree, a good IELTS score and prior stay in the country can increase your points drastically.

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