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Scott Morrison, immigration minister has announced the stringent restrictions that made for the arrivals of the Western African visitors from spreading the deadly and dangerous diseases.

The Australia's parliament was questioned during the Monday session that his ministry has not processed any application from the countries which are Ebola affected. Scott said that the government was also hooking up its humane program.

The minister also added by saying that the holders of permanent Australian visas who are based in these affected countries would be subjected to a obligatory 3 week separation process preceding to their departure. Travelers who are approved to visit Australia will also go through the further checkups and screening leading arrival.

This announcement came as a surprise to the AMA president Brain who has told the CNN that the chances of spreading diseases through an immigrant are low.

He also said that it is not a well focused decision, but what the bigger picture needs is our awareness at home. But the most important thing is our participation in the West Africa by putting doctors, nurses and other elements in order to combat the calamity there. He added on by saying that the government had desired the advice of very few people and had excluded the Australian Medical Association.

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