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Currently the demands of vocational education have been increased to fulfil the job requirement. There are many international universities of European countries offer the vocational program for the worldwide students. The M1 visa has issued for the vocational study of the students. The M1 visa holders are not permitted to work during their courses. The M1 visa holder must have sufficient funds to fulfill all the requirements of the program that is the tuition fees and the accommodation fess of the candidate for the entire period of his stay. To fulfill the requirements of M1 visa student must has a purpose of study and he has to complete a course of minimum 12 semesters from an affiliated institution. The numbers of credits obtain by the student also come into the consideration. In some cases DSO certifications also needed to fulfill the criteria of M1 visa. The M1 visa is complete for nonacademic purpose. It is only provided to the vocational course aspirants who are previously associated with same kind of studies or its relevant type. There is no assurance of job in this concern. The campus selection procedure of foreign universities don’t pay higher amount to the students of vocational background. The admission policy of universities varies from one to another. The universities shortlisted the students basing upon their carrier percentages and the condition is the students have enough financial support to do the course and the not permit to work anywhere during the course. For applying the visa candidates have to pay a non refundable amount for the application. If the visa will not granted then the applicants could not be get back his amount. All the applicants have to submit DS-160, the online application for non immigrant visa.The validity period of the visa is six months.

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