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Migrate To Sweden through Sweden Dependent Visa

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation of thousand coastal islands. Sweden is an exotic and wonderful destination to visit. Some of the places that should be visited in Sweden are Lapland, Gothenburg, west coast archipelago and ice skating. Sweden is a home of royal palaces.

Sweden Dependent Visa:

The Sweden Dependent visa will be applicable to the common law partner, spouse or registered partner and to the unmarried children of the applicant. This visa is mainly applicable for a particular duration which the applicant holds on the visa.

Types of Dependent Visas

Temporary visa: This visa is for the employees who are working and students who are pursuing their studies.

Permanent visa: This visa is for the spouses or children below age of 18-21 and immigration dependents.

Requirements for the Sweden Dependent Visa:

The following are the requirements to be fulfilled by the applicant to get Dependent visa:

  • Applicant should hold a valid passport.
  • Applicant must have enough funds to support themselves and their family dependents.
  • Applicant’s children should live along with them after relocating to other place.

If you are planning to visit Sweden for any kind of purposes, then you are on right track because it has a varied culture and is a perfect environment having so many wonderful places to visit. In order to get experienced in the new things and if you really like to settle in Sweden, then apply for the Dependent visa which involves lots of benefits to the individuals as well as to their family.

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