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New visa policy for STEM students
Posted on: 30 May 2016  |   Tags: F1 student visa , Harvard , visa policy ,

The students of Harvard ‘S university have faced difficulties to stay at US after completion of their graduation. But now the new visa reformation changes this thing slightly. The students from background of science, technology, engineering and math or the STEM students can stay in the country additional for additional seven months for on-the-job training. The federal government has introduced this new visa policy. So the problem became less stressful for the STEM students. The students around the globe are entering in Harvard with the F1 student visa. After that students can apply for extra practical sessions.  Which allow them for on-the-job training for one year in their related fields. Under the old policy STEM students have 29 months of additional extension but now that has been for 36 months. This will help them for good job opportunities. A statistic post graduate student from India Mr. Rohan Majumdar said that the process is unnerving. Majumdar also said that immigration students should pursue their carrier in STEM field, which allow them to extra three years of extensions and allowing them for an extra shot at H-1B . The students must have a definite purpose of study which help them to get placed in their desire sectors.  Only for this visa concern he is studying statistics instead of an MBA. The newly introduce visa policy will help the students of STEM field in various ways. The students are able to get 7 months of more time for job training and to gain the work experience. They can also easily analyze the current market conditions and preparing them accordingly. The remaining students of different domain have to leave the country after their graduation because for them there is no reformation policy has been introduced. They will face more difficulties rather than the STEM student regarding the carrier opportunity.

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