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New work permit signed by Australia and Israel

A pact was signed by the Israeli ambassador and the Australian deputy minister of immigration and border protection on Wednesday which will allow the young adults of both the countries to attain work permits from each other. The pact was a part of recent attempt to secure work for the young Israelis abroad and to avert them from getting into trouble when they are in search of work. The pact specifies that the civilian’s ages 18 to 30 that have no children are eligible to request a one year work permit and 500 such permits will be selected for the citizens of Israelis who seek for work in Australia and 500 are reserved for the citizens Australia who for work in Israel. Preceding to the Wednesday pact the citizens of Israel who got travel permit were only ones who are able to stay in Australia for 6 months. The draft scammers will not be eligible for the visas. This would be applicable for the Israeli Arabs and military personnel.

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