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Hi friends, this is Deepty Kaura from Delhi. I went to US a year ago on H1B visa. Although I wanted to marry someone who has the same visa status, upon my parent’s wishes, my wedding was solemnized with a far relative.

My husband doesn’t have a visa and we both didn’t want him to be on a dependant visa. He’s a good doctor with decent experience in various hospitals. So, as soon as the engagement was over, he applied for H1B visa. The visa rejection news came to as an utter shock after three months of my wedding.

It was then I went to Opulentus as I heard a lot about it from my colleagues in US. We approached them with my peculiar problem. Opulentus heard our story and came up with an amazing solution. It mentioned that my husband can apply for FSW visa and later on I can also go migrate there.

This sounded pretty cool. As per their advise, he applied for Canada FSW program and finally got a visa after about a year and half. Now, he’s all set to sponsor me through Opulentus.

Opulentus was really of great help to us. Can’t forget their guidance.Thanks alone is not sufficient but I still thank them.

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