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Hi friends, this is Shannu from Chikballapur. I am here to tell you all about Opulentus. It’s actually long time back that I wanted to go Dubai in search of some job opportunity. As a primary English school teacher the income I received was barely sufficient for my aged mother and three young brothers.

As I was getting really frustrated with the situation, one of my colleagues told me to approach Opulentus. One fine Sunday, I went to Bangalore and met Opulentus people. I just told them that I wanted to go to some foreign country. They understood my problem and also the need to earn big overseas.

I was asked to meet Opulentus guidance department, who listened to me patiently for more than an hour. They also verified all the documents and gave me the assurance that I can get a job in Dubai as it was in need of primary school teachers.

They told me to start applying for jobs in Dubai and once approach them once I get a job. It was their guidance that showed me ways to reach Dubai. I applied to many schools through online job portals. I got many calls and even offers. I opted one school and went to Opulentus with all the required documents to process the visa, which included the offer letter.

Opulentus immediately processed my visa. After a few months they called me up and told me that I was granted a visa.

Currently I am in Dubai earning decently. I have the confidence that I can even take care of higher education of my brothers. In fact, I also have plans to get my family members to Dubai eventually. I don’t know what would have been the situation had Opulentus not been there to help me out. I am really thankful to Opulentus. The best part about Opulentus is that the visa processing fee is low.

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