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The Rwanda government has updated its visa regulations for all the nationals of Africa that will get their entry visa after the arrival without any former applications – revealed by the official source on Monday.

The directorate and General of emigration and immigration stated that the new visa scheme will be put into action from November 1 and all the nationals of East African community which also includes Kenya, Tanzania,

Burundi and Uganda will be granted with 6 months visitor pass with no visa fee.

On the other hand, nationals from the DR Congo will be grated with a visitor pass which will not exceed more than 90 days and no visa fee as provided by the CEPGL.

After the Congolese authorities instruct the citizens of Rwanda for the visa fee payment in order to enter DR Congo, then the new visa scheme will be regulated to for the DR Congo.

By all the new visa schemes, a tiny African nation is looking forward to become the tourist destination spot at the same time assembling for the huge international investments.

As per the government of Rwanda all the African nationals are allowed to get their entry visa on their arrival without any prior documentation. This rule will put into action from November

New visa program for all the African citizens – Rwanda.

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