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Parent and grand- parent super visa for Canada

Parent and grand- parent super visa for CanadaDay by the immigration and visa policies became reformed. There was a new visa introduced by the Canadian government from 1st December 2011. The visa is popularly known as parent and grandparent super visa. The visa allows the parent and grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to entering to Canada for two years.

There are some certain eligibility criteria for applying for this visa. The applicant of the visa must be a parent or grandparent of the Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The applicant should admissible to the country. There are several other things come into consideration. The applicant should be a legitimate visitor to Canada and leave the country when his validity of stay will end. The applicants also have a strong bond with his native country show that he will return to the country after his visit.

The family and the financial condition of the applicant also come under the consideration of the approval of this visa. The person should get an invitation from a host of Canada. The applicant should have to provide a written commitment from his children and grand children who are residing at Canada regarding his financial support during his stay in the nation. The applicants have to show the evidence of their medical insurance for one year. Health and character requirements are also mandatory in this concern.

Under this system, the parents and the grandparents of the Canadian citizen or the Canadian permanent resident can able to apply for the multiple entries visa for 10 years. If the application of candidate is granted then the candidate you will get a letter to get into the border service agency officer of Canada during the entry of the country. The authority may authorize a visit of two years to Canada for the applicant.

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