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Canada Student visaAre you looking to study in foreign? If yes, then pursuing your higher study in Canada can be the best opportunity for you. As a developed nation with an undeniable reputation for education and immigration opportunities, Canada has a lot to offer to the young talents. These are some of the major advantages of Canadian universities. Low cost of living Living costs and tuition fees are one of the most important points that students look for when choosing a location to study in a foreign country. Canada, by many standards, is far cheaper for pursuing your academic goals than other countries such as the UK and the US. A brief comparison between Toronto and London revealed that rents in London were more than 120% higher than those in Toronto. Similarly, other living expenses such as restaurant prices and groceries were also higher in London than in Toronto. While the cost of living varies between cities, Canada is far cheaper than other countries such as the UK. Exceptional academic and scholarships programs Canada offers a number of good quality higher education opportunities for international students. There are a number of scholarships that students can apply and easily qualify for to obtain a significant source of funding and study at a fraction of their tuition fees. Among the most popular scholarships are:

  • The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program
  • University of Calgary Graduate Studies Award
  • Concordia University Undergraduate Scholarships
In addition to the higher education scholarships, there are also a number of language courses such as the ESL and FSL programs along with other examinations such as TOEFL and GMAT. Therefore, students who wish to learn English to better reap the benefits from their time in Canada do not need to worry about finding good language courses. Promising employment opportunities International students can easily obtain permits for part-time job opportunities on-campus and other sites. Students who wish to work longer hours can apply for work permits. There are also a lot of promising career opportunities for international students. Universities in Canada have links to around 5,000 collaboration agreements worldwide that can greatly benefit international students in establishing their careers. Suitable climatic conditions Different to what many people would think, the weather in Canada is not just limited to winter. Rather, there are four distinct seasons which means students can enjoy the warm afternoon sun as well as the snowfall. During the summer season, there is plenty of sunshine for you to take a casual walk in the park with your friends or family members. In fact, Vancouver is known for its oceanic climate and in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, temperatures can get very high during the summer. Multicultural civilization Canada is home to a multicultural civilization with people from different nationalities and racial backgrounds. Students who seek to study in Canada will never have to worry about experiencing a culture distress and miss their families back home as there are plenty of student societies for different countries such as Asian, Arab, Indian, and more. Moreover, the unending variety of cuisines that can easily be found on-campus and in city centers undoubtedly makes Canada a gastronome's paradise. The aforementioned reasons are sufficient to say that Canada is a perfect destination for you to pursue your academic interests and establish your career with a strong footing. In addition to the educational and career opportunities, the suitable climate, welcoming society, and the lower living costs, leave little room for anyone one to have second thoughts.

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