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Hi all, my name is Radhika Iyer and I am a B.E graduate from Chennai. My parents wanted to solemnize my wedding and I had something else on my mind. To be frank I liked someone and it would take some time for him to settle in life. I somehow wanted to escape that marriage thing until he’s settled. The only option I found in order to buy some time was—higher studies abroad.

To make it happen, I need to work on it. I asked a couple of my friends to guide me on immigration, how to get the form etc. Searched internet, however, couldn’t understand a bit. Also, I was not sure which country I must go to.

Somehow I came across this visa consultancy named Opulentus. I immediately went to them and told them I wanted to go abroad. They suggested me that USA would be the right option.

I didn’t waste a minute, submitted all my documents to Opulentus who processed my visa. Finally, I escaped the marriage thing. I thank Opulentus so much. The best thing about Opulentus is that—they straight away tell you the chances of getting your visa based on your documents. If you don’t have documents, they will not process the visa.  Also, they are completely professional.   I will remember them forever for their help.

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