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Hello everyone. I am here to tell you my experience with Opulentus visa company. I approached Opulentus sometime in 2012 when I wanted to go overseas to work there so that I can bring my family out of debts.

As I already knew about Opulentus, I first approached them with too many doubts, which included:

  • how to go to foreign country?
  • how to get a job there?
  • is getting a job enough or should we try for visa also?
  • the expenditure incurred in it

Opulentus Review

Opulentus review
I asked them all these petty doubts fearing they would laugh at my ignorance. Opulentus people told me that based on my experience I can choose any country to go. They also said I need to have an offer letter to migrate to countries on job visa.

Otherwise, they suggested me about this Germany Job Seeker Visa wherein I can go there and search for a job for up to six months. As I already had three years of experience, I was eligible for this type of visa. On hearing it, I felt so happy and asked Opulentus people to process my Germany job seeker visa.

After a couple of months, I got a visa and went to Germany. I am busy searching for good jobs and I already have two offers in hand. Thanks a lot to Opulentus.


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  1. With the services of Opulentus I became well aware of the Australian immigration process, which has been of great help to me in immigrating to Australia successfully.

  2. The entire visa processing procedure went on really smooth, as we dint even feel a pinch of pain. Opulentus has guided us regarding the visa processing interview and gave us the confidence. My family got through the interview.

  3. My Canadian dreams would have remained as dreams if I would have not approached Opulentus. Their handling of visa and professionalism worked wonders for me.

  4. Opulentus people were real professionals, and their pre – assessment test helped me to my eligibility for many countries which I kept it as my option. Now I have the option of choosing a country of my wish.

  5. Opulentus takes care of the entire visa processing right from the start till the end without any tension. Thank you Opulentus for making things easy.

  6. I really liked the way Opulentus handled my visa processing. The entire visa processing was done really smooth. Thanks to the entire team of Opulentus for making it possible for me.

  7. Opulentus has been there throughout the visa processing. The team was always available to for any kind of doubts and processed the visa timely. They even took a pre assessment test.

  8. The professional team of Opulentus is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in their domain. They make their clients understand each phase and formalities of visa which they have chosen clearly.

  9. If you want to study, work or visit the foreign land of your dreams but don’t know how, you should visit Opulentus which is an efficient and expert guide.

  10. Special thanks to the Case Officer at Opulentus who not only cleared all my visa-related doubts but also prepared me well in advance for the interview.

  11. I have recently received the migration services offered by the visa consultants of Opulentus. They are really awesome. I really like work culture they follow.

  12. I would like to migrate to Denmark under green card scheme. I would like to know the details of process. So, will you guys provide assistance for this?

  13. I have heard that Opulentus is the best immigration and visa consultancy. Is it really true? If so, can it help me in the visa processing for obtaining EU Blue card to Austria?

  14. Opulentus is the best visa consultancy that I have ever seen. Thanks to the visa team who have provided excellent assistance. Thanks a lot.

  15. Thank you Opulentus for making my process very easy and hassle free. Many thanks to the team and special thanks to the visa counselors for assisting me a lot. Thank you.

  16. I take this as an opportunity to thank my case officer who has assisted me through every phase of visa process. I heartily appreciate their best services.

  17. Opulentus is a fact emerging visa consultancy that offers best visa services which you have ever come across at affordable rates. It’s a must visit visa consultancy

  18. I heard about Opulentus and its excellence in rendering outstanding immigration and visa services. Will the immigration consultants of Opulentus provide me the details of Denmark Business visa?

  19. Opulentus is eminent consultancy that offers real time solutions for people travelling abroad. One can easily get a visa by contacting our best trained and certified staff counselors. Thank you.

  20. I have heard that Opulentus is the best migration and visa consultancy. It is safe to say that it is truly genuine? If this is true, will Opulentus be able to help me in EU Blue card to Austria?

    1. Under Express Entry System a maximum of 1200 points will be awarded to the applicants but as per my knowledge there is no precise minimum pass point’s declared. Candidates who score maximum points will be invited to apply for Canada PR.

  21. Trained and qualified professional consultant who has been assigned for my case has analyzed my report properly and explained me the process clearly. They really need a standing owe for their swift services.

  22. Thanks for the excellent support given to me in my entire process of Immigration. I am happy with your services and I will surely put forward a good word to all my near and dear ones to approach Opulentus consultants for best services.

  23. The specialized team of Opulentus is well-experienced, knowledgeable and very much skilled in all sorts of visa processing. Opulentus is the best.

  24. I am still wondering how come I could see some negative reviews on opulentus, because my cousin brother moved to Denmark in 2013 with the help of Opulentus .Now I am planning to go to Canada it’s all almost yet to complete.

    What I believe if you have all the required documents and the good score, definitely you can reach your destination.Of course, I have no right to interrupt others perspective.Please make sure you are eligible to all the criteria required before you pay an amount to any consultants.Do some virtual research on the company website, just do not take the decision with one bad review or good review .

  25. My gratitude to opulentus team, making my dreams come true.At some point in time, we need support from someone to push yourself to reach the desired destination though we are the one roll up our sleeves and work hard.Opuelntus did support my efforts and converted into the worthful career in Australia.

  26. They made my Autralia PR easy to get , Initially I was so confused where to plan .Opulentus suggested me all the possible options I can get with advantages and disadvantages.It was clear cut explanation .

  27. My heartiest thanks for the effort you have put in during the entire visa process. I
    wish I could personally meet all of you and thank you personally.

  28. I am are extremely pleased to announce that , we have received our much awaited VISA-GRANT to Australia under the 190 Skilled visa category.
    Ever since we decided to initiate our visa process we were under tremendous confusion and as a result of which we ended up visiting as many as 7-8 immigration advisors.But we realized That Opulentus clearly had an edge over other agencies with the way they tackle you as a client very professionally

    It’s been quiet an exhausting journey as we ended up assembling as many as 90 documents, but I must confess that with Opulentus as our agent we cleared the process without any single document related query coming our way .

    I must acknowledge the efforts of every Opulentus employ I had been in touch with throughout the process for they being so gentle and patient in terms of guiding us.

    Two of my friends are already your clients now for Canadian and Australian visas and we will surely be recommending you to everyone else as well.

    Thank you so much & please keep up the good work!!

  29. The entire process and help from Opulentus were very smooth and great. I would recommend you to all other friends too. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your guidance and help for my Australia PR.

  30. Hello Team Opulentus,
    I am indeed bliss right now, and still, the feeling of getting the Australia Visa Grant is sinking in. Opulentus had been amazing at work and I am pleased that I had chosen you guys for my Australia Immigration.

    Seriously speaking I didn’t have any references for Opulentus or didn’t know anyone who had taken services from you. I went to Opulentus portal and gone through the previous client reviews opulentus social media accounts. But I am pretty sure that I am going to refer you to anyone who wants to apply.

    Thanks Opulentus team for your valuable services

  31. It was quite a long journey for me with opulentus which lasted three years. It required incredible patience and effort from my end as well as at the end of Opulentus Team. They guided and supported me at every single step of this long and arduous process.Opulentus systems and CRM client dashboard are excellent tools. They made life simpler.The Opulentus team including sales, process and case officer on Call is outstanding, very patient and courteous. I would specifically like to mention Sheeba here for her guidance and patience and answering all my queries and also through via emails. Above all, it is the entire Opulentus visa immigration consultant Organizational effort from your end that has resulted in this success. Thank You very much for all who ever supported in my Australia PR immigration process.

  32. I would like to thank each and every one in the Opulentus team that helped me with the Australia PR process at Opulentus, especially, Vamsi, Manoj and team.

    All the best Opulentus team

  33. This is the time for me to show my respect to Opulentus ,this is life changing step to my career choosing opulentus to get visa. My friend refereed me this consultant .

    Guys thank you

  34. Professionalism, I would scale 9 out of 10 for the Opulentus.Its was an awesome experience with the organization very point to point, automatically the client feels safe and gets trust on the organization.

    Coming to the service they have the different style of executing to the client.As a client we can know who is taking care of our process, the communication made ease for me through their portal; that would be mails ,opulentus dashboard portal allotted to me to know the status of my application process, it’s not necessary to call them always to know the updates.

    Thank you guys for your support to me all the time, you guys are swift in providing the service and your endeavour always shows in the form of results to client.

  35. The starting point was very slow; it gave me the feel why I choose the opulentus since I paid some partial amount literally got stuck, I have gone through this dilemma for three months then things getting change drastically my case officer has been changed, follow-ups through calls and mail started eventually , he started explaining and guiding in all the basis , what are the documents required, his assistance is incredible, I completely got confidence that will be visa though it has taken some time like approximately 14 months to complete the process

    I would like to thank Anuradha, Ashwini & Anil for their determined assistance, going an extra-mile with all the information i needed or asked. Appreciate their patience in resolving my queries about the process as early as possible. Thank you all & Opulentus for creating a path to get our dreams comes true. Thank you all so much whole-hearted for being with me in this Journey of trying to fulfill my parent’s wishes of me settling abroad. Wish you all good luck. Have a great time ahead.

  36. hi,

    i have total 6 years experience in online marketing, and i am from B-tech background. is there any chances to get australia PR for digital marketing field, please help me

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