This is Pradeep Biswas from Purulia of West Bengal. During my childhood, affording good education was almost a distant dream as our village was then typical and we had to move to Calcutta to afford convent studies. My dream to study in convent remained as a dream. After completion of my graduation at a local university, I wanted to prove to my world that I can achieve more than what I aim.

This time my aim was to study overseas. It was finally achieved. The only difference between my childhood aim and the present one was—Opulentus. Yes, there was no support and guidance then that I got at Opulentus now.

As I know about Opulentus, through one of my lecturers who sent his son to work abroad through Opulentus, I straight away approached the leading visa consultancy at their Delhi office.

I told them I wanted to study MS in Biotechnology in UK. Opulentus counselor neatly explained to me about the better prospects for this profession in Australia. I was very happy for guiding me that way. I was convinced. Asked them to process my Australia student visa. Opulentus processed it timely and I just now got the visa.

I am really thankful to Opulentus. After completion of studies, I will again approach Opulentus for my job related visa.

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