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The US Gives More than 680,000 Green Cards to Migrants from Muslim Countries

Latest Immigration updatesThe Branch of Homeland Security told more than 680,000 green cards are provided to settlers from Muslim-larger part nations from the year 2009-2013. Along with the beneficiaries were exiles, provoking one US congressperson to require a diminishment.

The information, which originates from the DHS's Yearbook of Migration Statistics, demonstrates the top nations for green card beneficiaries were Iraq, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. More than 5 years, 83,000 green cards were provided to nationals of Pakistan and Iraq, and 75,000 to individuals from Bangladesh.

The records are provided to the Senate Subcommittee on migration and the general Interest in November of 2015 and discharged to the press by the subcommittee's director, Senator Jeff Sessions.

"Along with the accepting green cards are people admitted to the United States as exiles, who must apply for conformity to Lawful Permanent Resident (green card) status inside one year of confirmation," said Sessions in an official statement. "Outcasts have moment access to government welfare qualifications, alongside neighborhood advantages and instruction benefits; these expenses are not balance."

Sessions supported his gathering's presidential leader Donald Trump in February, and has joined the hopeful's group of outside approach guides from that point forward.

"To check this compelling level of future migration development, as a supermajority of voters wish, will oblige Congress to take up and pass a bill to diminish the quantity of visas issued on autopilot every single year," said Sessions.

The collapse of the information for a particular year recounts a somewhat diverse story. In 2013, green card members of 530,802 beneficiaries, around 54 percent of the aggregate, were status agents – individuals who were at that point living in the US after 2013; however whose green card applications were affirmed that year, as per the Migration Policy Institute.

Of those, 44% were close relatives of US nationals, 21% had exploited a family-supported inclination, and 16% got their green card through an occupation based inclination. Another 12% were balanced from exile or asylee status, and 5 % were differing qualities lottery champs.

The main five nations of birth for new green cards in 2013 were Mexico with 14%, China and India 7%, the Philippines with 5%, and the Dominican Republic 4%.

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