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UK to ease the tough visa rules for the Chinese travelers - Opulentus

The UK home office has decided to loosen up the tough rules on the Chinese visas. The Chinese travelers who are going to visit UK on business purpose should submit an invitation letter and a letter of employment which can support their visa application.

Before this scheme was only privileged to the Chinese travelers who are registered on UK payroll and the partners or suppliers had to submit the proofs of residence and financial statements in order to get the business visa for UK.

The new rules will be open to all the China – Britain business members, CBI, British chamber of commerce in China and also the UK trade and investment. The pressure from the UK business leaders has urged to speed up the process.

Previous month the home secretary Theresa has announced that the Chinese travelers can make use of the Schengen visa for shifting the flights in UK, whereas previously the Chinese travelers were forces to attain the UK visa even if they are not going out of the terminal block. The Schengen visa gives a chance to the Chinese tourist to visit 26 countries in Europe not just the UK.

The government of UK has decided to relax the tough visa rules for the Chinese travelers where the travelers just have to submit their invitation letter and letter of employment to the embassy in order to attain the visa.

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