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UK is going to lose a big share in international student market

United Kingdom is losing its share in international student market because of the immigration police. Instead of UK many students prefer Canada and Australia due to the tighten immigration policy. The conservative government of England has to be blame for this reason. The new rule and regulation of immigration policy became tighten by the government of UK. This makes difficult for the outside Europe students to stay at UK after completion of graduation.  Many students around the globe prefer other countries rather than UK as their carrier destination. The visa and immigration authorities of UK should pay attention towards this point; otherwise the impact of England in international student market will be vanished one day. The only thing is opted students for another country to read in. The international students contribute 7 billion to economy of UK. The funding council of higher education England reported that if any further falls will occur then the financial condition of the university is at high risk. The no of study visa issued for England in last year has dropped to 2.6 %. This is really a matter of disappointment. From all the point of view universities of England are better than other international universities but the visa problem is the only issue which decrease its value in the international student market. The decrease of international student also creates an impact on international labor market. The number of skilled indivisuals, software professionals, and engineers are also not interested to reside in UK. The students are unable to extend their visas after completion of their course then how can they trained in various work and prepare themselves for the job. If the authorities of migration will not take the serious action regarding the issue then no foreign student will prefer UK for their higher education. And it will also affect the economy of the nation.

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